SeniorPeopleMeet Tips: What to Do If My Ex Keep Contacting Me?

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Are you visiting this page because you are looking for the SeniorPopleMeet tips of what to do if your ex keep contacting you? If it is yes, then you are in the right place. Please read the whole article to find out the answer to the question.

Getting contacted by the ex after the breakup has been a common thing. A lot of people have been in the exact situation several times. Maybe, she or he is not over you yet. Maybe, you are not over her or his yet. Maybe, both of you are not over each other yet. whatever the situation, in this case, she or he might be not over you but you are already moved on because you seem annoyed when she or he calls you or sends you a message. The annoyance rises when you and your ex not in the good term anymore and she or he just contacts you to know what you are doing. Your ex also might ask you how you have been.

The phone call or the chat can go to many directions. According to some experiences, you feel good when you hang up. The question of “what does it mean?” might be all over your head. Does your ex  want to get back together? You also might question yourself whether you are really over her or not. the call or the chat like that can stir up your mind and make you confused when you start thinking about it.

Then, what to do when your ex keeps contacting you? Here are several tips from SeniorPeopleMeet to handle the situation. Feel free to choose which one to try and suits best with your situation.

The first one is be cool about it. this statement is indeed easier said than done. Please try your best to keep it cool. Just do not be too excited when your ex talks to you or sends you a message. Be relax! the second one is to not to start over analyzing. Just do not assume anything. Your ex called you, both of you talked, and what’s now? The third one is please just move on and do not thing about your ex. Your ex also most likely has. The fourth one is to throw the thought of getting back together. Please do not secretly wish to start over with your ex again. The fact is you most likely will not and if you do, you probably will fail. Just ask yourself about it and get it out. The fifth one is to learn. Like a saying, everything happens for a reason. Every single day is the opportunity to learn something including about yourself. So, it is your time to learn about yourself. You will get the self understanding when you keep your mind to open to it. the last one is to be honest with her and be honest with yourself. Hope one of them works.

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